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The best way to start a design system

Visual System helps interface designers build consistent products. An entire workflow for Sketch and Figma, built to minimize production.

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Color Management

Use the color module to change all linked elements in the blink of an eye. Now you only need to change your colors in one place.

Spacing Control

Take full control over your spacing. Use build in space components to define spacing values and stay consistent.

Elements Library

We provide the fully customizable library of elements, adaptable to your type of product and design process.

Inventory of all the colors

Manage all of your colors from brand theme to alerts and borders in one well-structured place. We define color scheme through color tokens to make our module understandable for both developers and designers.
Text Colors
Simple Naming Convention
Scaleable and Additive

Library of Elements

see all 146 elements [.png]

Typography System

Take full control over your type settings. Premade styles and clear specs help to empower your productivity. By integrating it with the color module you will always stay synchronized and save time.
Compatible with Color Module
Useful Specs for Developers
Control Vertical Rhythm

Define your Spacing

The spacing module is used to consistently apply margin and padding across all elements. Spacing scale brings a rhythm to the product and creates a natural and familiar flow.
Space at scale   ↓

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Two Font Versions
Gilroy (not included) and Rubik
Dark & Light Theme
Flexible style options
Figma and Sketch Support
Take adventage of the best software
Only nessecary elements
Simple and clear
Intuitive to Use
Naming convention and structure
Neatly Organized
Practical Component Library
Override System
Text and Color Styles
Resizable Components
The most advanced and flexible system build to minimize design production. Including over 100 ready to use elements.

Visual System Bundle

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4 Unique Modules
100 Elements
Light and Dark Theme
Well Organized
50+ Interface Icon Set
Sketch and Figma Support
Free Updates
Current Version: 1.3
Release Date: 03- 11 - 2020
Sketch 52+ and Figma Ready
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